My Histories​/​Beyond The Saturn Slaveaway

by The Basking Sharks

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    The second EP release of The Basking Sharks, a.k.a. singer-songwriter Francis Miguel Aguilar.




The long-awaited B-side is out!


released March 29, 2011

Produced by Diego De La Paz, Edgar "Coyang" Avenir
and Claire Villacorta

All vocals and guitars by Francis Miguel Aguilar

Cover/'fan art' by Paolo Jose Cruz. Original shark illustration by
Ryan Berkley -

Production/technical assistance, recording location and food by
Jun and Sandra Lim Viray

Recorded by Edgar "Coyang" Avenir

Edited and mixed by Diego De La Paz

Mastered by Edgar "Coyang" Avenir and Diego De La Paz

A Happy Kid Social Club Production



all rights reserved


The Basking Sharks Quezon City, Philippines

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Track Name: My Histories
My Histories
(F.M. Aguilar)

Lyrics & Music by The Basking Sharks

My histories
You will never be a part of
My histories

Once I drove you to your house
And I was about to give you a kiss
The police car pulled over
And the cops were getting money from me
And afterwords I found out
It was your plan for the
Sweet dreams of you


You have been to all symposiums
Been the hired gun of porcupines
The kidnappers and syndicates
Have longed for you
To be a real ugly
Escort giraffes of the
Prison customers for the
Sweet dreams of you

(Repeat Chorus)

All I want is someone just like me
And how I wished it was you
But you have proven otherwise
I'm not what I seem
See all the friends who stole
And now you try to call my father up
To dig in his gold

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

So get out of the world (6x)
Get out of the world
Yeah (4x)